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Matusz-Vad Plc. Has realized that being a supplier of the catering industry, besides selling products it also has to provide plus services to answer the growing demands of the market. In connection with the services those ideas came true in the activities of the company that served the comfort of the partners and helped the development of the company’s work, just like in case of the products.


Matusz-Vad Plc. delivers the previously ordered products to the restaurants on every weekday in its own refrigerator vans. There are deliveries at least twice a week to most of the regions but there are some cities e.g. Győr, Eger, Budapest, where the restaurants can make their orders every day because of the often needs. Delivery is not cancelled at weekends and on public holidays either. The company fulfils the greater demands by placing the tours to other days. An extra service is that the transporter colleagues park the products directly into the partner’s fridge taking off the weight of loading from their shoulders.


Professional call center networks are operating at both of our plants. Partners can make their orders through different ways of communication, like phone calls, answering machines, e-mail or fax. To do the fastest possible service of our partners we have a brand new IP phone centre with 2 servers, which help easier availability and connect the partners immediately and kills the inconvenience of long waiting.


Another new innovative idea led Matusz-Vad Plc. to create an own online shop that makes customers be able to order products from home in a very comfortable way with only a few movements by the next day.


Matusz-Vad Plc. is the only company that is operating a non-stop record of order following the restaurants’ needs as their greatest circulation happens in the late afternoon and in the evening and at the weekend so they can make their orders in the reflection of the consumption during these times. Another comfortable service from the view of the partners is that the regular customers are called one day before every tour which avoids forgetting an order.

Regional representatives

16 sales representatives take care of the personal relationships with the partners and give accurate information to them. They also make product displays sometimes to make our products more known.


Matusz-VAD Plc. has introduced a separate registry system for handling compliments that helps us to solve the incidental problems in a quick and traceable way. Starting from the transporter colleagues,throughout the call center employees reaching to the stock leaders, there is a very good information system that ensures the fast and effective examination and solution of the incidental complaints.


Matusz-Vad Plc. has its own webpage (www.matusz-vad.hu), that provides up-to-date information about our present special offers, productions, events of the company and ensures a direct connection to the online shop. This information portal was fully renewed in Januar 2013. Today the visitors can surf on a completely new webpage.

Our latest magazine

Matusz-Vad became a Hungarian Brand

Honor of the Hungarian product

This is the third time that the jury of independent professionals has decided upon which brands are allowed to wear the MagyarBrands trademark for Business Brands. Based on the committee's decision, they considered the brand Matusz-Vad to be worthy of wearing the Business MagyarBrands 2012 recognition.

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